GBSV Education Events


ReShaping Our Approach to Gender-Based and Sexual Violence 

The ReShape Series aims to raise awareness and educate the Western community on Gender-based and Sexual Violence (GBSV) prevention. Throughout the year we will offer prevention and education programming featuring lectures, keynote speakers, engaging activities, and workshops to continue the ongoing education efforts surrounding GBSV for our campus community. We take an intersectional approach to GBSV Education to ensure diverse experiences are represented.

The topics discussed during the ReShape Series may impact some participants. If you've been impacted by any of the events from the ReShape Series, you can reach out to or visit this page for crisis supports.

In the past, ReShape has taken place during one week through the winter term, this year we will offer events and workshops monthly- November, January, February, and March. See below for event details and stay tuned as more get added!

ReShape Series Events 2022-2023


Farrah Khan

Pleasure Principles: Sexual Communication Workshop

Farrah Khan 

Thursday, November 17
3:00 p.m.

Sarah Polley

Advance Screening: Women Talking
& Post-Screening Q&A with Director Sarah Polley

Women Talking

Thursday, November 24
6:00 p.m. @ Hyland Cinema

Samantha Bitty

Sexy Sexual Health Trivia

Samantha Bitty

Tuesday, November 29
7:00 p.m.

adrienne maree brown

Stories Spark Change: An evening with adrienne maree brown

adrienne maree brown 

Thursday, January 26
6:00 p.m.

Sexual Wellness Fair

Sexual Wellness Fair

STI Testing, HPV Vaccines, Games and more! 

Thursday, February 9
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the UCC Atrium

Reshape Pleasure Series

Pleasure Series

Pleasure Series

February 13-17
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Past ReSHAPE Series

Pleasure is Power Keynote by Madame Gandhi

As part of Madame Gandhi’s mission towards gender equality, this presentation addresses consent, sex positivity, creating safe spaces, and how we can all work together to shift the culture. 

Check out the full-length video here.

Pleasure on a Plate with Bal Arneson

When we think of a flavor, what comes to mind is usually its distinctive qualities: the singular “coffeeness” of coffee. That is, a mix of tastes, aromas, mouthfeel, and temperature. But that’s really only half the equation. The other is how that coffee makes you feel. You sip it not just to fill your stomach, or even to wake up, but to get a little pleasure and satisfaction. Pleasure is what animates eating and drinking and makes them truly gratifying.

Check out these short videos developed by Bal Arneson, highlighting the multisensory experiences of using spices and other ingredients in cooking to increase sensations of pleasure: Roti, Lentils, Golden Milk, Citrus Ginger Tea, and Quinoa.