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Your Employee (and family) Assistance Program

LifeWorks is Western's provider of a confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The program can help you to optimize your current well-being, or support you as you take the first step toward change. You can access help to find solutions to the challenges you face at any age and stage of your life.

EAP is available to all Western employees and their dependents. It was rebranded and relaunched as LifeWorks in early 2021, so employees were asked to register to access the new online platform and app. The same great care is always available by phone anytime.

Read information about how to register for access to LifeWorks.

Counselling and much more

At no cost to you, you and your family members can access immediate and confidential support in a way that is most suited to your communication preferences, comfort level and lifestyle. We know that when you and your family are well, you can bring your best self to work. EAP is part of our efforts to continuously improve the programs we offer to support you and your family's well-being.

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While in-person counselling is currently paused due to COVID, counselling on the phone, via video or online is available. In addition to emergency and counselling services, EAP offers an extensive range of services that can assist with challenges you face, and help to boost your health and wellness.

When available, in-person counselling locations are available in London and surrounding communities. They are also available across Canada and internationally if you are travelling, on sabbatical or have a dependent studying away from home.

Why sign up for LifeWorks? LifeWorks is much more than counselling. When the world around you gets stressful, LifeWorks can help you manage with well-being articles, podcasts, tools and resources from the LifeWorks website or app. You can also participate in individual and organizational challenges that will support positive habits. Earning points will allow you to be eligible for fun on-campus savings and a chance to win prizes. 

Learn more about points and rewards using LifeWorks

What You Need to Know

  • Your confidential EAP services are called LifeWorks.
  • Supports are available to ALL Western employees and their spouses and dependent children up to age 21, or up to age 25 if they are still in school full time. More details are available on the EAP FAQ webpage under the question How do I arrange support for my minor child.
  • Counselling services are provided by experienced counsellors who are Master's level professionals.
  • Counselling can be done in-person (on hold due to COVID), on the phone, via video, online or by text through Chat.
  • Other services to support your life and your work are available. You can connect to a registered nurse, dietitian, lawyer, financial advisor and other professionals. Read more about these supports and services.
  • Services are fully confidential within the limits of the law. No one, including Western, will ever know that you've used the services unless you tell them.
  • There is no cost to you or your family to use the EAP services.
  • Services can be provided in a wide variety of languages. If your preferred language is not available a translator is provided.
  • If your spouse or child accesses the services you will not know. To access services, your family members simply tell EAP that you work for Western University.

How to Access EAP

You or a family member can contact LifeWorks by phone anytime at 1-844-880-9142. Identify yourself as a Western employee or, if a dependent is calling, they should identify you as a Western employee to access services. No online registration is required to access help by phone.

New callback option: Intake for EAP counselling, work-life services, and emergency counselling are available 24/7/365. Call volume to EAP tends to be highest on Mondays and on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and this could result in longer wait times. To assist employees when call volumes are higher than usual, you will be offered the option to hold your place in queue and receive a call back. Note that you must have a direct phone number (no extension) to use this service. For privacy, the call back from LifeWorks will show as 416-987-0001 (English) and as 514-461-5444 (French) with no name displayed. They will not leave a message if you do not answer.

You can also access supports, services and helpful information online through the LifeWorks app or website. Registration is required;

  • All eligible employees are sent an invitation via email to sign up for online access. The email has the subject: Join Western University on LifeWorks, and contains a personal invitation code.
  • Go to the LifeWorks Sign Up webpage, select Login, or download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and select Sign Up.
  • If you have lost track of your invitation code, on LifeWorks Sign Up page you will see a link “I can't find my invitation code” to request this be re-sent to you. Note that all emails are sent to your Western email account.
  • After you have signed up for LifeWorks, you can access the website and login at, or by using the app.
  • Note: When you register you will be required to review and accept a general Privacy Policy that is applicable to all LifeWorks services. Many of these services are not utilized by Western.  You may wish to review a video about the Privacy Policy.

Online access is also available to eligible family members. The employee can invite their family members to set up their own online access. The employee logs into their own account to extend invitations.

  • At - Login > select Profile > select Family > and then Invite Family Members.
  • From the LifeWorks app - Login > select More > Invite Family

Watch Helpful Videos on Accessing and Using LifeWorks

The following topics are designed to help you learn more about how register, give consent, and use the LifeWorks platform - Western's EAP.

Counselling Services

If you are experiencing a crisis situation, you can speak to a counsellor right away. Otherwise a meeting will be scheduled within one to five days. Your inquiry will be answered by a caring professional who can help you choose a support option that best suits your needs and learning style. Your preference for time of day, location, specialty and way of meeting (in-person, phone, video-conference) will all be considered.

EAP will provide a series of sessions with a professional. This short-term, solution-focused counselling model is designed to help you tackle one priority at a time. If you need more specialized or longer-term support, the LifeWorks team of experts can suggest an appropriate specialist or service that is best suited to your needs. While fees for these additional services are your responsibility, there may be coverage under your provincial or Western health plan.

There are many topics that EAP counsellors can discuss with you - relationship challenges, family concerns, abuse, addiction, parenting, workplace conflict, mental health concerns including stress, depression and anxiety, and more.

Ways to access counselling include:

  • In-person counselling is a traditional session format, ideal for families or couples who need interaction. Note: in-person counselling is not currently available because of COVID.
  • Telephone counselling is convenient and ideal for time-restricted or travelling individuals.
  • Video counselling offers virtual face-to-face support, in the convenience and comfort of your home.
  • E-counselling via email exchange with a Counsellor is best suited for those most comfortable with written communication. It is also ideal for travelling individuals, providing support anywhere.
  • Chat provides instant support with a Counsellor online, via the LifeWorks website or through the LifeWorks app.
  • Health and wellness resources are text-based and self-directed. Just login to the LifeWorks website to get access to hundreds of articles, tools and resources

Other Services to Help with Your Life and Work

In addition to counselling, LifeWorks provides services that can connect you with professional help related to your work, your family, your nutrition and health, your financial situation, legal issues and more. You may be connected with a child or eldercare resource, a naturopathic doctor, a lawyer, registered dietician, financial professional or a registered nurse, depending on your needs and wishes.

Read more about specific services and wellness resources.

Selecting the Right Supports

EAP can provide immediate as well as ongoing confidential assistance for any work, health or life concern. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to ask for and how to ask for it. Below is some information that may help with your decision making:

What do I need? What do I ask for? What happens next?
Emergency Support
An immediate consultation You will speak with a counsellor immediately or within a short window of time.  If ongoing counselling needs are identified, you will be provided with the steps below to arrange further support.
Non-emergency counselling support Ongoing counselling support Your appointment will be scheduled.*  If there are challenges based on the availability of appropriate services, you will be advised that you will receive a callback (within five days) to confirm your appointment.
Non-emergency professional (non-clinical counselling) support Identify the wellness support/resource you are interested in

Your appointment will be scheduled*, or you will receive a callback within five days to confirm your appointment.

*Prior to July 2021 an Intake Assessment was required prior to booking the first appointment. This is no longer the case.

Access Other Community Supports


CMHA – London Middlesex
Support Line - 519-601-8055
534 Queens Avenue., London, ON
Receive immediate crisis assessment, intervention, stabilization and links to community resources.

Remote Supports

Reach Out 24/7
24-hour phone crisis assistance
Web chat with a mental health professional

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line
24-hour culturally relevant telephone crisis intervention counselling

Anova provides safe places, shelter, support, counselling, and resources for abused women, their children, and all oppressed individuals to find a new start.

Telehealth Ontario
Toll-free: 1-866-797-0000 Toll-free TTY: 1-866-797-0007
Fast, free medical advice. In an emergency, do not call Telehealth. Call 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the EAP FAQ page for a full list of questions and answers.

Ukraine Conflict Distress and Worry - Need Help?

We are saddened and devastated by the military invasion in Ukraine. War, violence, and political uncertainty can cause stress, anxiety, and other responses, even if someone is not directly affected by the situation. Please know that we are here to support you and your family with our resources.

Remember that immediate and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are accessible 24/7/365 by calling 1-844-880-9142 or by logging in to the LifeWorks website.

The website features additional information and tips on coping with trauma.

If you have questions, you can reach the Employee Well-being team through the confidential email

Resources from LifeWorks:

Do you have family and friends who are not at Western but could use some support? LifeWorks has opened their crisis lines to the community to provide emergency counselling support. You may call the Crisis Support Line (open 24/7) in Canada at 1-844-751-2133, in the United States at 1-877-757-7587, in the United Kingdom at 0800 088 5339 and in Ireland at 1800 817 227). 

Support During COVID-19

Your LifeWorks EAP services continue to be available to you and your family. Counsellors are available to provide support through telephone, videoconference, secure email and chat. If you or a family member are looking for support, EAP is ready to help.

These LifeWorks resources may be helpful:

While not EAP sponsored, these wellness resources may be of interest:

Also visit the webpage Employee Resources - COVID 19.

Relaunch of LifeWorks Access

If you registered for access to LifeWorks between January 25 and March 3, 2021, you will need to re-register.

LifeWorks launched in January 2021 and an invitation was sent to Western employees to register for access. Subsequently, our program provider, LifeWorks (formerly Morneau Shepell) identified an administrative error that resulted in employees being set up on its European platform instead of its Canadian platform, as specified by Western. As a result, all Western LifeWorks accounts were closed and unfortunately, any personalization of accounts was lost.

All data remained safe. Any personal health information that was entered by users was only stored in Canada. On March 16 and 17, all Western employees should have received a new invitation from LifeWorks with a link and special code to register.

Western and LifeWorks apologize for the inconvenience to individuals who had previously registered.

If you have questions, you can reach the Employee Well-being team through the confidential email:

Read Questions and Answers about the changes related to the error

If you require Human Resources forms, documents or other information in an alternative format, please contact

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