collage of Western employees

Western is a community that respects, accepts, nurtures and celebrates the diversity of its members. At Western, we strive to attract and retain the best talent available in an increasingly diverse workplace. Our community is one where all members feel valued, respected and included. We strive to ensure our workplace is fully accessible and respectful for people’s different needs and abilities. Western supports a healthy work-life balance and commits to the right of every member of the Western community to study, work and conduct his or her activities in an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Each member of our community is accountable for ensuring and supporting positive diversity practices.

Western's Human Rights Office supports Western’s respectful and inclusive working and learning environment by providing advice and support on Western’s Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

Accessibility at Western - Western is committed to increasing accessibility for persons with disabilities who come here to learn, work, or visit.

Accommodation at Western - The duty to accommodate recognizes that true equality means respect for people’s different needs. Needs that must be accommodated result from factors such as disability, sex, age, family status, ethnic or national origin, gender identity and gender expression, and religious belief. Western is committed to ensuring that each individual will have genuine, open and unhindered access to employment opportunities, free from systemic or other barriers.

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