Retiring or Leaving Western

Retiring from Western

Post-retirement benefits are subject to the collective agreement or association policy in place at the time of your retirement.

To see current post-retirement benefit provisions, please choose your employee group:

Log-in to Manulife Financial

At this secure site, Western’s retired plan members can log-in to gain authorized access to their detailed benefits information and data. They can download claim forms and submit claims online. Also available at this site are Manulife’s online health and wellness tools.

Leaving Western before Retirement

This information will help those who leave Western before retirement to understand what happens to your benefits. You will also find information about converting some benefits to a plan that you would pay for privately.

  • Life insurance benefits terminate the end of the month that your employment with Western terminates. You may convert your present life insurance coverage, up to a maximum of $200,000, to a private policy without providing evidence of good health provided you make application within 31 days of the date your group life insurance terminates. Premiums are based on private policy rates. Read more at Converting/continuing your benefits after leaving Western.
  • Salary Continuance & Long Term Disability benefits terminate the date your employment ends.
  • Extended Health, Dental and Health Care Spending Accounts (if applicable) terminate the end of the month your employment terminates. You have 90 days after your coverage ends to submit any outstanding eligible medical and dental expenses to the benefit carrier. Claims should be sent directly to: Manulife Financial Group Benefits, Health Claims, PO Box 1653, Waterloo, ON N2J 4W1.
  • Western Pension Plan - see Pension information
  • If you have purchased a computer from the Computer Store and are making payments through payroll deduction, please contact Financial Services, Accounts Receivable to make arrangements for your final payment. Contact

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