Travelling Outside of Canada/Ontario

Prior to Travelling

Coverage under Western's plan is contingent upon you being covered under a provincial plan (OHIP) or an equivalent plan (UHIP). It is your responsibility to ensure your coverage is extended while travelling outside of Canada/Ontario for greater than 212 days in a 365-day period.

Please visit the OHIP website for further details regarding travelling outside of Canada/Ontario. You should also review any government-issued advisories regarding travel

You may want to consider downloading and providing a digital Manulife benefit card to all of your dependents while travelling. You can access this digital Manulife benefit card through the Manulife Mobile App or through the Manulife web site.

Pre-existing Conditions

Whether you travel outside your province or country of residence, your coverage is for immediate medical treatment of a sudden, unexpected injury or a new medical condition; or a specific medical problem or chronic condition that was diagnosed but medically stable* prior to departure.

Medically Stable means that in the 90 days before departure, the insured person (you or your dependent) has not:

  • been treated or tested for any new symptoms or conditions;
  • had an increase or worsening of any existing symptoms;
  • changed treatments or medications (other than normal adjustments for ongoing care);
  • been admitted to the hospital for treatment of the condition.

Making an Out-of-Province/Country Claim

In the unfortunate instance in which you need to make an out of province/country claim the first administrative step is to call into the number found on the back your Manulife benefit card as soon as possible. The number will get you in touch with Manulife’s Emergency Travel Assistance provider, Global Excel Management. Global Excel Management will then be able to assist you further.

  • Emergency Travel Assistance Plan Number: 4995
  • Emergency Travel Assistance Phone Numbers:
    • Canada/US: 1-800-265-9977
    • Mexico: 00-1-800-514-3702
    • Dominican Republic: 1-888-751-4403
    • International Toll Free: Country Code + 800-9221-9221
    • In other countries, use operator to call collect at 519-741-8450

Details about Your Emergency Travel Plan

Please read the Manulife Emergency Travel Brochure, which provides important information on travel coverage and claims.

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