Changes to Your Western Pension Plan

Annual Member Meeting

The Annual Member Update meeting was held on March 1, 2023. View the presentation slides.

January 2024

Manager and investment changes are coming to your Western Pension Plan.

As a Western Pension Plan member, it is your responsibility to select the mix of investments most appropriate for your risk tolerance and investment goals. The information about the coming changes may impact your future investment decisions. Sun Life offers many ways of supporting you in understanding your options and making your choices, including on-line tools, webinars, and advice from a salaried financial services consultant.

The changes impact the following investment options:

The changes are underway and will be implemented over the coming months.

Members currently invested in the Socially Responsible Global Equity Fund will receive an additional communication from Sun Life.

To learn more about these changes read the detailed announcement (PDF)

Note that Morningstar fund sheets are updated on a quarterly basis. The changes noted in this communication will be reflected in the respective fund sheet for the quarter after the change occurs.

The Academic Staff Pension Board and Administrative Staff Pension Board, working together as the Joint Pension Board, approve changes to the investment line up for the Western Pension Plans. Some of the investment options are used as components of other iions are guided by the Board’s governance policy and supported by internal professional investment staff as well as external investment consultants from Mercer Canada Limited (Mercer).

Other Investment Changes

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