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Western endeavours to provide a total compensation package to its employees that is competitive with our peer universities and other employers. Our goal is to attract and retain individuals who are able to deliver and benefit from “The Western Experience”.

The following pay resources and information may be of interest. 

What's New/Changing in 2024

The following changes are effective January 1, 2024:

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) has introduced two levels of contributions:
    • CPP contributions - The annual maximum is now $3,867.50 (a $113 per year increase) if you earn more than $68,500.
    • CPP2 contributions – If you earn more than $68,500, after you have reached the CPP annual maximum, you begin paying CPP Second Additional Contributions up to the CPP2 annual maximum of $188.00.
      • For example, an employee earning $90,000 reaches the annual CPP maximum in September 2024. Also in September, CPP2 contributions begin up to an annual maximum of $188.00. For a total annual maximum contribution of $4,055.50 (CPP + CPP2).
      • If applicable, CPP2 contributions display as “CP2” on your earnings statement under the Taxes section.
  • Employment Insurance (EI) contributions increased from 1.63% to 1.66%. The annual maximum is $1,049.12 (a $47 per year increase) if you earn more than $63,200.
  • The Basic Personal Amount (BPA) tax credit amounts have been updated for 2024. If your net income is more than $173,205, more tax is withheld on a sliding scale. BPA is calculated each pay and is displayed on your earnings statement. The "Net Claim Calculated" and "Net Claim Used" are displayed under the Taxes section when relevant.
  • Do I need to complete Personal Tax Credit information (TD1)?
    • If you are claiming the Basic Personal Amount tax credit only, no action is needed.
    • If you are claiming additional tax credits e.g., tuition; work for more than one employer; or are a non-resident, please review and update your information as needed on My Human Resources / Pay / Personal Tax Credit Information.

Critical Pay Information for New Employees

If you are a new employee, please read Welcome to Western carefully, then login to My Human Resources to check your address and enter direct banking information that will ensure your pay reaches you.

T4 and T4A Forms

Your T4 and/or T4A s will be delivered electronically on My Human Resources or you will receive paper slips by mail. To understand how you will receive your tax slip(s), visit our T4/T4A page.

Pay Schedules

For those paid weekly, and monthly, pay schedules are located in the Staff/Faculty Resources area of our website (login required).

Earnings Statements

You may view your earnings statements online in My Human Resources. Further details are available on the "How do I" web page.

Pay Inquiries

If your pay did not reach you and you are a monthly paid employee, please use ASK HR to contact Human Resources. If you are a weekly paid employee, please speak with your department supervisor or administrator to ensure your hours have been submitted.

Salary Ranges

Western salary ranges may be found in some collective agreements, as well as in the Staff/Faculty Resources area of our website (login required).

Pay Equity

This Notice of Requirement to Achieve and Maintain Pay Equity is provided by the Pay Equity Commission of Ontario.

Records of Employment (ROE)

If your work at Western ends, you will need a Record of Employment if you intend to apply for Employment Insurance Benefits.  Please be aware that Western will electronically file your ROE to Service Canada after your last pay is complete. You may apply online for Employment Benefits before the ROE has been filed.

  • More information about applying for Employment Insurance can be found on the Service Canada website.
  • After your ROE has been filed by Western to Service Canada you will be able to access a copy of the ROE through a “My Service Canada Account". You will need to register.

CPP Contributions

If you are aged 60 to 70, please read this important information about making contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

TD1 and TD1ON

A TD1 form is the federal Personal Tax Credits Return. The TD1ON is the Ontario Personal Tax Credits Return. Completion of both forms allows Western Payroll to modify the rate of tax that will be deducted from your pay. The form outlines each of the credits that are allowed for individuals to claim, including the basic personal amount, tuition fees, etc.  You may also direct us to deduct additional taxes from your pay.

If you are claiming the Basic Personal Amount only you do not need to fill out the TD1/TD1ON forms. If you wish to claim additional tax credits, e.g. tuition; work for more than one employer; are a non-resident; or wish to claim additional tax, you should review and update your information as needed.

You may make changes by completing the forms in My Human Resources. Go to Payroll & Compensation > Personal Tax Credit Information).  You may wish to review step-by step instructions available on our "How do I" webpage.  If you need assistance call Human Resources at 519-661-2194.

If you require Human Resources forms, documents or other information in an alternative format, please use ASK HR to contact Human Resources.

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