Health Care Spending Account

Clinical Staff

A Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is provided for reimbursement of medical expenses. Medical Expenses as defined by Income Tax Regulations are eligible for reimbursement including premiums for other insurance programs, dental expenses, vision care expenses, drugs, hospital, supplies and many other items.

The HCSA is $2,000 per calendar year for each member with family coverage and $1,000 per calendar year for each member with single coverage. These levels currently coincide with the level of deductibles for the extended health care insurance plan offered by OMA under the Ontario Priority Insurance Program for Physicians.

Health Care Spending Account Election Form

Unused amounts of the HCSA at year end are carried over and spent first in the following calendar year. Unused amounts at the end of the second calendar year are forfeited.

All claims should be submitted during the same plan year in which you paid the expense. However, your HCSA has a 90-day grace period, which allows up to 90 days after December 31 for Sun Life Financial to receive expenses incurred during the previous year.

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