Post retirement Benefits

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You will receive a copy of your booklet when you meet with a Pension & Benefits Consultant to discuss retirement.  You may also choose to view and download a copy of the current post-retirement benefits available to Clinical Faculty members. Please note that a Western user ID and password are required. 

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Eligible members may receive health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits on and after retirement from the University provided the following conditions are met:

  • Have been a member of the benefit plan for at least 10 years (including years of employment as a faculty member before July 1, 1999)
  • Retire from the University no earlier than the 1st of July following their 55th birthday

The benefits payable include drug, hospital, paramedical, supplies, out-of-country emergency, dental and vision care for the member and their spouse and eligible dependent children. The eligible expenses are defined and some services are subject to annual dollar or per incident maximums. 85% of each claim (of items that do not have dollar maximums) is payable under the plan and therefore the member is responsible for 15% of these claims costs. Once a member with single coverage has paid $450 in a year ($900 a year for family coverage) for their share of claims costs, the plan provides for 100% reimbursement of eligible expenses which do not have dollar maximums.

Expenses incurred for out-of-province and out-of-country emergencies are reimbursed under the 85%/15% coinsurance provisions described above. Only expenses incurred for emergencies that occur within the first 60 days per trip will be eligible. Out-of-country eligible expenses are subject to a maximum of $200,000 per person per trip. A life insurance benefit of $15,000 is payable to the member’s designated beneficiary upon their death in retirement.

A Very Valuable Benefit:

Post Retirement Benefits carry a significant value at retirement. The benefits are provided to the physician and his eligible dependents for as long as they remain living. The value of these benefits are higher, the earlier the physician retires. Based on the most recent actuarial analysis, the average value of these benefits at various retirement ages is:

  • Age 55  $154,000
  • Age 60  $133,900
  • Age 65  $112,700
  • Age 70  $95,000

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