Other Benefits - CUPE Hospitality Services

Employee Assistance Plan

Your Employee (and family) Assistance Plan is provided by TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks). It provides confidential and voluntary support services that can help you take the first step toward change. It can help you find solutions to the challenges you face at any age and stage of life. It also includes many services and resources to support your well-being. All Western employees and immediate family members can access immediate, free and confidential support in a way that is most suited to your preferences, comfort level and lifestyle. Visit the Western EAP website to learn more.

Western Pension Plan

Western’s Administrative Staff Pension Plan is a defined contribution plan, a form of capital accumulation plan in which contributions are made by the employer and you. The Plan, along with government benefits, your personal savings and other sources of income are important elements of your journey to a financially secure retirement. The Plan provides retirement income which is based on the total amount contributed by you and Western plus returns on the investments you have chosen. Western contributes a percentage of your pensionable earnings into the Administrative Staff Pension Plan on your behalf based on your years of service. Under 10 years, 7.5%, 10 to 19 years, 8.0% and 20 or more years, 8.5%. As a member your contribution is 2.5% of earnings. You direct the investments of all contributions to the plan. The Administrative Staff Pension Board has selected funds for you to choose from across three asset classes, and in some cases have grouped funds into portfolios. Details on the investments are available from Sun Life. In addition to your required contribution, you may make voluntary contributions to your account up to the limit set by CRA.

Pension services for Western plan members are provided by Sun Life. To review the terms of the plan, sign in to your Sun Life account and select Manage plan and My Plan, or see the Western Pension Plan website and the Pension Plan Summary.


  • A member earns vacation at the rate of 6% of salary* for each year of the first six (6) completed years of continuous service.
  • Upon completion of six (6) full years of continuous service vacation is earned at the rate of 8% of salary* per year.
  • Upon completion of nineteen (19) full years an additional 2% of salary* will be provided, and thereafter, vacation is earned at a rate of l0% of salary* per year.

*Salary - for the purposes of this Article "salary" will be defined as current earnings.

Dependent Tuition Scholarship Plan

Dependent children of current, CUPE Hospitality Services staff are eligible to receive tuition benefits for full-time studies taken for credit towards a degree (undergraduate or graduate) from Western University or colleges affiliated with Western. The value of the scholarship is currently set at $2,500 per academic year, for up to four years. Other modified benefit levels for part-time students are available. Please visit the Registrar’s website for more details and plan conditions.

Long Service and Retirement Recognition

In recognition of service Western provides long-service gifts to faculty and staff:

  • After 25 years of employment the member will be presented with a gift to a value of $400
  • Upon retirement after five to ten years of continuous employment, a gift to a value of $75
  • Upon retirement after at least ten years of continuous employment, a gift to a value of $250

Pregnancy, Parental and Adoption Leave Top-up Plan

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, through the Employment Standards Act, provides eligible employees who are pregnant or who are new parents with the right to take unpaid time off work.

Depending on a number of factors, you may be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Pregnancy Leave (Maternity Leave) - 17 weeks of unpaid time off work is available to pregnant women.
  • Parental Leave - new parents have the right to take Parental Leave - unpaid time off when a child is born or is adopted.
    • Birth mothers who have taken Pregnancy Leave are entitled to up to 61 weeks of Parental Leave.
    • Birth mothers who do not take Pregnancy Leave and all other new parents are entitled to up to 63 weeks of Parental Leave.

Note: You must confirm your eligibility and apply in order to receive benefits through EI and SEIB. For more information visit the Human Resources webpage on Pregnancy/Parental and Adoption Leave.

Educational Funding

Eligible members may have access to educational funding for a variety of opportunities relevant to current or future career aspirations at Western. A maximum of $100.00 will be reimbursed on submission of receipt upon the successful completion of a course for the purchase of textbooks. Advance funding is available for many courses.For more information visit the Human Resources website on Educational Funding.

Leaves and Other Workload Arrangements

Staff members may take advantage of various leaves such as Compassionate Leave, Pregnancy and Parental/Adoption Leave and various other leaves and workload arrangements. Due to the unique nature of each leave or workload arrangement, please contact Human Resources for further details.

Safety Shoe and Insole Reimbursement

When an employee is required by Western to wear safety shoes in the course of their work, Western will have a shoe allowance processed annually on each December paycheque as follows:

  • Where safety-toe and non-skid soles are required, Western agrees to pay up to $120
  • Where non-skid soles are required, Western agrees to pay up to $110

Sessional employees may seek reimbursement for insoles by completing the Safety Shoe and Insole Reimbursement Form along with the receipt, and submit it to Human Resource Services, Room 5100, Support Services Building.

Smoking Cessation Aids

This benefit includes natural health products, such as transdermal patches and nicotine gum, up to a lifetime maximum of $500 per person.

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