Benefits for Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) at Western may be eligible for the following benefits.

Collective Agreement

For more information please refer to the collective agreement for Graduate Teaching Assistants - PSAC Local 610.

Resources through PSAC Local 610 - Graduate Teaching Assistants

PSAC Local 610 provides additional resources such as an Extended Health Plan, Financial and UHIP Assistance Fund, Mental Health Fund, and a Food Support Fund.

Further questions regarding these programs should be directed to PSAC Local 610.

Employee (and family) Assistance Plan (EAP)

Your EAP provided by TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) is a confidential service called that can help you to optimize your current well-being, or to take the first step toward change. You can access help to find solutions to the challenges you face at any age and stage of your life.

At no cost to you, you and your family members can access immediate and confidential support in a way that is most suited to your communication preferences, comfort level, and lifestyle. We know that when you and your family are well, you can bring your best self to work. EAP services are part of our efforts to continuously improve the programs we offer to support you and your family's well-being.

Read an overview of the EAP program 
Read or download a PDF overview of EAP services

Pregnancy/Parental Leave

For more information, please visit the GTA page of the Pregnancy Parental Leave website.

Sick Leave

GTA employees who have a current appointment shall be granted up to fourteen (14) hours of paid sick leave per 140 hours of appointment, prorated based on the number of hours in the appointment.

For more information, please refer to the collective agreement for Graduate Teaching Assistants - PSAC Local 610

Protective Equipment

Safety Shoes

Western provides each GTA employee requiring personal protective equipment to complete their assigned duties with $120.00 towards the initial purchase of yellow patch safety shoes. Safety shoe purchases must be approved in writing in advance by the person designated by the Department, School or Faculty and the Department of Occupational Health and Safety.

Safety Shoe Reimbursement Form

Safety Glasses

Western provides each GTA employee with their initial pair of safety glasses or goggles. These can be obtained by going to the Support Services Building, Room 4159 or by contacting Tammy Johnston at x86814 or e-mail

Read more about protective equipment resources

Smoking Cessation

GTA employees may claim up to $500 one-time coverage for smoking cessation aids not covered by an extended health care plan or Student Health Services, with receipts provided. Use ASK HR to contact Human Resources for further information regarding this benefit.

Pension Plan

GTA employees may participate in the Pension Plan for Administrative Staff provided they meet the eligibility requirements for part-time administrative staff.

Further information and eligibility provisions can be found on the Western Pension webpages.

Other Graduate Student Resources

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) provides various support and benefits such as a health/dental plan, a bus pass, international student identity card, free tax filing, emergency loan, non-TA foodbank, peer advisor for academic matters, graduate peer support, and many other support resources.

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