Benefits for Postdoctoral Associates

Health Care Benefits

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Life and Accident Insurance

Visit the Postdoctoral Associate (PDA) Life and Accident Insurance webpage or choose a topic below:

Sick Leave

For comprehensive information, please review your PDA collective agreement.

Important Note

The information contained on these benefit webpages is intended to provide a summary of benefits available to eligible Postdoctoral Associates and does not contain all of the plan provisions. Many aspects of the benefits are provided through a group insurance contract with the insurance provider and your full benefits and rights are governed by the terms of the Group Master Contract with the insurance provider and your contract with Western University. In the event of a discrepancy between this summary and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will prevail.

Please contact Human Resources using ASK HR if you have any questions about your compensation and benefits programs.

Emergency Travel Assistance

The Emergency Travel Assistance plan covers 100% (up to a lifetime maximum of $100,000 per covered person, per 60 day trip) of eligible expenses resulting from an accident or a sudden unexpected illness incurred while travelling outside your province of residence or outside Canada.

Details on Out-of-Country/Province coverage
Manulife Emergency Travel Assistance brochure

Life Events and Work Events that Can Affect Your Coverage

Marriage, divorce, having a baby, leaving Western? All of these events and more can affect your benefit coverage. Learn more.


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Other Benefits

You will find a list of other benefits available to PDA members on the Other Benefits webpage, or choose a topic below for details.

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