Work/Life Events That Can Affect Your Coverage

Postdoctoral Associates - Keeping Us Informed of Changes

To ensure that coverage for you and your eligible dependents is up to date, it is vital that you advise us of any family changes in writing within 31 days. If the change is a result of a life event (such as birth or adoption of a child, getting married or divorced), the coverage will become effective on the date of the change without providing proof of good health, provided:

  • Written application for the change is submitted within 31 days of the life event, and
  • Additional requests for coverage have not been previously declined (life insurance)

After the 31-day window has closed, coverage may be subject to a medical questionnaire and approval from our benefit provider.

Necessary forms to make changes such as increasing/decreasing life insurance coverage, adding/removing dependents, updating beneficiaries can be found on the Human Resource Benefits website. Call Human Resources for assistance with making changes to your benefits and completion of forms.

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