2023 Annual Pension Statements Now Available

Your 2023 Annual Pension Statement is now available. This important document outlines your account changes in 2023, your personal rate of return and projections of the income that may be possible when you retire.

The statements are issued by Sun Life, the record keeper for the Western Pension Plans.

What to know

  • Annual statements are issued in January.
  • An electronic copy of your statement is posted to your Sun Life member account. After you sign in to your Sun Life Account, select ”Manage Plan” and “View documents”.
  • Your annual statement is also printed and mailed to your home, unless you have elected to go paperless.
  • Quarterly electronic statements are posted to your Sun Life account under "Documents".
  • The income projection included in your statement can be personalized by completing the Retirement Planner tool in your Sun Life account.
  • You may also wish to review the 2023 Western Pension Plans Annual Investment Commentary, which is prepared on behalf of the Joint Pension Board.
  • Questions about your statement? Call Sun Life at 1-866-733-8612.
  • Investment advice on your Western Pension Plan and broader financial plan is available through 360 Plan Advice by calling Sun Life at 1-866-634-4840 or by booking an appointment online.
  • In-person 1:1 consultations with a Sun Life Education Consultant are focused on the Western Pension Plan and are offered from time to time throughout the year. Visit our Pension Workshops and Planning Tools webpage to see about upcoming opportunities.

Annual Meeting and 1:1s

On March 1, 2024, the Annual Member Meeting will be held virtually to share the Joint Pension Board’s reflections on past and current year initiatives. Read more on our Pension Workshops and Planning Tools page.

Education opportunities are offered throughout the year, and details on key topics have been recorded for your easy access at any time. View all options on the Pension Workshops page

Support is available at any time by phone by calling Sun Life at 1-866-733-8612.

To see all your support options, visit the Sun Life 1:1 support page.

Questions about your Pension Account at Sun Life?  Contact Sun Life at 1-866-733-8612.

Other questions?  Please use ASK HR to contact Human Resources or phone 519-661-2194.

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