Retiring or Leaving Western

If you are retiring from Western or leaving prior to retirement, here are some things to consider:

  • Your benefits: When do they end? Can any benefits continue after you leave Western? How long do you have to make benefit claims after you leave?  You will find answers to these questions in the Benefits - Retiring or Leaving Western section of our website.
  • Your pension: Whether you are retiring or leaving Western prior to retirement, there are some questions to consider regarding your accumulated pension at Western.  See the Pension - Retiring or Leaving Western section of our website.
    • As your begin planning to retire or leave Western keep in mind that pension and retirement counselling is available. To make an appointment with one of our Pension & Retirement Consultants, please phone 519-661-2194.
  • Record of Employment (ROE): If your work at Western ends before you retire, you will need a Record of Employment if you intend to apply for Employment Insurance Benefits. Western’s payroll department will electronically file your ROE to Service Canada after your last pay is complete. You may apply online for Employment Benefits before the ROE has been filed.
    • More information about applying for Employment Insurance can be found on the Service Canada website.
    • After your ROE has been filed by Western to Service Canada you will be able to access and print a copy of the ROE through a “My Service Canada Account". You will need to register to establish an account.
  • Your T4/T4A statements – Please keep us up to date on your current address for a minimum of one year after leaving Western, or longer if you have pension funds remaining at Western.  A correct and up to date address will allow us to ensure your T4/T4A statements and other important documents reach you. To change your address, complete a Personal Data Form.
  • Computer Store Purchases - If you have purchased a computer from the Computer Store and are making payments through payroll deduction, please contact Financial Services, Accounts Receivable to make arrangements for your final payment. Contact
  • Retired Academic Group (RAG): This group of retired academics from Western meet throughout the academic year to listen to guest speakers and discuss current events. (A link to the RAG website is provided for your convenience only. It is not an official Western website.)
  • Western Retiree Chapter: An active organization, that provides opportunities to continue friendships with colleagues and stay engaged with the campus through a wide variety of activities and events.

Some things to think about as you leave:

  • People to notify
    • Your department leader
    • Human Resources (pension and benefits)
    • Human Resources (payroll), if you currently have deductions from your pay for recreation membership, computer purchase etc.
    • Parking Services
  • Please ensure you return
    • Keys
    • Corporate credit cards
    • Long distance telephone cards
    • Equipment such as phones

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