First Aid

An overview of the first aid program along with first aid volunteer responsibilities and a list of where first aid kits are located plus other useful information.

Program Overview

The first aid program is governed by the requirements of the First Aid Regulations under the Workplace Safety Insurance Board Act.

The University will provide first aid kits in all University buildings and vehicles. The location of kits will be determined in conjunction with the occupants of each building. The provision of these kits is the responsibility of Occupational Health and Safety.

There will be one volunteer assigned to each kit location. They will receive training provided by Occupational Health and Safety. Additional volunteers, can be assigned to each kit but the cost of training will be paid by individual departments or units.

WSIB First Aid Program for Employees - Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of the First Aid Representative for each Department/Unit

  1. Attend a First Aid session to obtain certification (valid for 3 years).
  2. Choose an appropriate location for the kit that is accessible to ALL EMPLOYEES at all times.
  3. Place/hang the kit in a conspicuous place at the chosen location.
  4. Post a copy of your valid First Aid certificate on/beside the kit.
  5. Post the official WSIB poster (Form 82) close to the kit.
  6. Inspect the contents of the kit monthly and record the inspection on the attached card.  Restock as required.  To replenish stock, please email with your requirements.  Supplies will be sent by campus mail.
  7. Ensure that your training remains current.
  8. Communicate with the members of the department/unit that you represent, so that they are aware of:
    1. Your position as their representative and your location.
    2. The requirement to contact the injured employee’s supervisor following an accident.
    3. The requirement to completely fill out an Accident/Incident Report form every time an accident occurs and an item is used from the kit. These reports are available on the Western Health and Safety website.

Duties of the Chair/Budget Unit Head

  1. Choose an employee to be the First Aid Representative for the department/unit.
  2. Ensure that the employee obtains certification and keeps their certification current.
  3. Communicate with the members of the department/unit the name and location of their First Aid Representative and the location of their kit.   This should be done at least annually and whenever there is a change.
  4. Ensure that new members of the department are aware of the First Aid program.

Duties of Occupational Health and Safety

  1. Contact each department/unit for the name of their representative(s).
  2. Schedule training sessions for the certification of the representatives.
  3. Maintain records for the employer of the names of the representatives, contact information, training certification dates, kit locations, etc.
  4. Purchase and stock all supplies, kits, posters, etc. for the First Aid kits.
  5. Cover the cost of training for the representative(s).

First Aid Kit Locations

The following list shows which departments, in each building on campus, have both a First Aid Kit and a Certified First Aid Representative. Please check with your department to acquaint yourself with the location of the kits and the certified first aid representatives in your area. The certification card for the representation for each kit is displayed on the kit.

First Aid Training

First aid training is provided to first aid volunteers. Contact for further information.

The Student Emergency Response Team (SERT)

This group of student volunteers supplement the first aid program. They will respond to emergency situations where first aid is required on campus. The SERT volunteer members are highly trained in first aid.

If you have any further questions, or you would like to volunteer, please contact

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