Having Trouble with Working at Western or My Human Resources?

Logging in – “Your User ID and/or Password are invalid” 

This message displays for various reasons.  After multiple unsuccessful attempts you will be locked out of the system. 

If you can log in correctly to other Western systems but not My Human Resources please contact Human Resources for assistance at or 519-661-2194.

If you cannot log in to other Western systems, please contact the WTS Helpdesk.

Logging in – “Access is not allowed because you are not enrolled” error

Full error message: "We're sorry, access is not allowed because you are not enrolled. Please contact your organization's IT help desk for assistance."

This message indicates that you have not enrolled any devices for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). To enroll a device and resolve this error, follow the steps at Setup MFA.

If you require any assistance with enrolling a device, please contact the WTS Helpdesk.

Loggin in with MFA - Duo - "Your account has been locked out"

Your account will lock after three failed log in attempts. Wait 15 minutes for your account to unlock and try again. Contact the WTS Helpdesk for further assistance.

Logging in - browser issues

If you are having trouble logging in, this may be due to your browser’s language settings. Please ensure your browser settings indicate language as English (Canada).

Turn off autofill settings

Some browsers allow autofill or auto complete preferences to automatically fill in saved information when you visit the web page.  Avoid using these password-saving features and instead type in your Western User ID and password.

Adjust your Pop-up Blocker settings

In order to view attachments, applications and other pages within the My Human Resources site, pop-ups must be permitted. However, we do not recommend permanently turning off your pop-up blocker. Add to your browser’s safe list under your pop-up blocker settings. If your browser does not permit this, temporarily disable the pop-up blocker.

For example:

  • In Chrome, under Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings, select Pop-ups and redirects and select Allow and Add a site. Google Chrome Help
  • In Microsoft Edge, under Settings > Site Permissions, select Pop-ups and redirects, and select Allow and Add a site. Microsoft Edge Help
  • In Internet Explorer, under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings, select Sites and add a site and select Allow. Internet Explorer Help
  • In Firefox, under Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions, select Block pop-up windows and add an Exception. Firefox Support
  • In Safari, under Preferences > Websites > Pop-up Windows, select Allow. Safari Support

Security Reminder

Be sure to click on the Sign Out link under the menu button in the top right-hand corner when you are finished accessing/changing data in My Human Resources.  Because these pages contain information about your pay and other personal data, signing out will ensure that others may not access this information on your computer after you leave.  Follow Secure Computing practices on all devices.

Still having trouble? Contact Human Resources at 519-661-2194.

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