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Check out what our Sport Clubs have been up to this month...

general club news

Last day of Club practices is December 1st!

Club Practices resume January 7th.

For those of you interested in joining a club for the winter term, Winter Registration opens up on December 10th!

All club registrations close on February 15th.

what events have they been up to?

Equestrian Club: The club participated in two shows this month, the McMaster OCEA show early November, and a competition at Highland Green Stable last week. Both events were very successful coming out as the number 1 High Point Team, and Madison Klodt was High Point Rider.

They are looking forward to more events in the Winter Term! Members also enjoyed a lovely trail ride at Circle 'R' Ranch!

Outdoors Club: This club has had events almost every weekend! Members travelled to Tobermory, where they had a snowy but beautiful overnight weekend camping trip. Point Pelee National Park was the next stop, where members visited the most southern point of Canada, checking out the winter waterfront. Their final outing was a day trip to Webster's Falls on November 24th!

Tennis Club: Members participated in a club-wide tournament, where they were able to put into practice all of the skills they had been working on all semester. Members ranging from beginners to advanced players enjoyed participating in this tournament!

Dragon Boat Club: Executives hosted a paddling seminar, where members furthered their knowledge of the sport!

Triathalon Club: Members visited London's escape room, where they worked as a team to try and solve the clues and escape! Tri Club Holiday Social was be a Semi-Formal at Fellini Koolini's this year on November 23rd! Yum!! Members also joined in on the bowling fun at Fleetway on November 25th!

Badminton Club: They hosted a club-wide tournament on November 23rd during their regularly scheduled practice time!

Fencing Club: Their club social was held on November 24th.

Taekwondo Club: Their holiday social was held on November 23rd this year! 

what is happening next?

Kendo Club: The annual Kendo club tournament will be happening on January 12th!! Be sure to register before all the spots are filled for this massive Inter-U tournament! Registration closes December 8th, 2018

Equestrian Club: Club members will be travelling to the Laurier OCEA Show to compete on January 13th

Members can participate in a Cognitive Horsemanship Clinic on January 26th. Ask executives for more details!

In February, members will be heading to Brock and Windsor for more OCEA shows!

Judo Club: Members - your club social will be held on January 20th!

Triathalon Club: Members will be heading to Toronto for U of T's Inter-U 'Row, Swim, and Go!' event on January 26-27th. Ask executives for more details!

The club will be hosting their own Inter-U 'Splash n Dash' in March as well!

Badminton Club: Lots is going on in the month of March for the Badminton Club. They plan to host their club-wide Spring tournmanent, as well as an end of year dinner for club members!

Fencing: Members can participate in a club-wide tournament in March. Ask executives for more details!