WSRC Construction

In December 2017, Provost and Vice-President Janice Deakin commissioned a review of Western’s Mental Health and Wellness Services to determine how Western could best meet the needs of thecampus community.
As a result of the review, Western’s Board of Governors has approved the creation of the integrated Western Health and Wellness Centre to be housed in Thames Hall. As part of that project, Thames Hall will undergo significant renovations, including the removal of the Thames Hall gym. To account for the removal of the Thames Hall gym, a sixth gym is being built in the Western Student Recreation Centre to not only provide space for the programming that took place in Thames Hall, but also to provide increased capacity for programming at the WSRC.

What is being built?
As part of the Western Wellness Centre project the gym in Thames Hall is being removed and a sixth gym is being added to the Western Student Recreation Centre. Along with that, the current gym floors will be refinished to enhance the playing surfaces in the facility.

Why is the new gym being built?
Due to the removal of the Thames Hall gym, a sixth gym is being added in the WSRC to not only replace the Thames Hall gym, but also to add increased capacity and programming options to the WSRC.

Some of the varsity practices that utilized the Thames Hall gym will be moving into the WSRC for a specific period of time each day, typically from 4-9 PM from Monday to Friday during the academic year. However, the majority of time for the gym will be utilized for campus recreation and intramural programming.

When will construction at the WSRC begin and when will it be complete?
The construction will have a few different phases and is scheduled to begin at the WSRC on April 8, 2018, with all construction in the building wrapped up by the end of October 2018.

What areas of the building will be affected?
Construction will be limited to the five current gyms, as well as closing the sidewalk next to the building on Philip Aziz Drive. Please consult the attached chart for the service disruptions for each gym.

What programming is still being provided?
During the immediate service disruptions in April, the Blue Gym will still be available as will all other areas of the facility. We’ll be adding an increased number of free fitness classes during this period to provide an increased variety of fitness options for students.

Outside of the five gyms, no programming in any other area of the WSRC will be affected. Students will be able to use the cardio equipment, weight room, fitness area, and pool as they normally would.
For more information, refer to the attached chart regarding service disruptions to the current gyms,
as well as checking the Western Rec App to see what programming is available each week.

Why is construction beginning during the exam period?
Construction is beginning now in order to minimize the effect of the service disruptions in the five
current gyms in the WSRC. While beginning this project just prior to the exam period is far from
ideal, beginning the project in April will minimize the overall impact to the campus community.

What is the Western Health and Wellness Centre?
The Western Health and Wellness Centre will be housed in Thames Hall and is part of the larger
campus plan for health and wellness commissioned by the Provost. The goal of the new facility is to
provide one point of entry for the health and wellness services on campus. The renovated building
will also house the School of Kinesiology and general-use student spaces.

With some varsity practices taking place in the new gym, will varsity programming also
extend to other areas and result in less time and programming for the general student
No. While some varsity practices are moving to the WSRC, those will only be for a limited amount
of time each day, typically between 4-9 PM from Monday to Friday. No campus recreation
programming will be cut back in the WSRC, and in fact more programming will be added.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the construction at the WSRC, please
contact us at