1.       Q: Who may participate in Intramural sports at Western?

A: Any person (student or otherwise) with a valid (active) Campus Rec Membership. Purchasing day passes does not make you eligible for Western Intramurals. Teams comprised solely of people without active Campus Rec Memberships (i.e. non-member teams) are only available during the summer semester.

2.       Q: How do I register/sign up for Intramurals?

A: Registration = payment. Your spot is not secured until you have paid for it. You may register online at or in person at the front desk of the WSRC. Note: Creating an account and/or team on IMLeagues does NOT constitute registration, you will receive instructions on how to go about this step after you have properly registered/paid via one of the methods mentioned above.

3.       Q: When is the registration period?

A: Exact dates vary by semester however; Fall registration generally opens in early September and lasts for 2-3 weeks, Winter registration generally opens in early December and closes in mid-January, Summer registration generally opens in late April and goes until mid-May (see How to Register for exact dates).

4.       Q: Why are some sports only offered one semester per year?

A: Offerings differ from semester to semester and year to year based on a number of factors including facility space/availability, seasonality, and previous year’s/semester’s interest/demand for any given offering.

5.       Q: Can the captain of a team sign the entire team up or does each individual player have to sign up on their own?

A: The captain is usually the person who registers (pays for) the team. Once this is done the team’s space is reserved in the league that the captain registered for. After the registration period has ended captains will be invited to join their pre-created teams on IMLeagues. After successfully joining their pre-created team captains may invite their teammates to join their team on IMLeagues.

6.       Q: What if I don’t have a full team to play with, can I still play?

A: Yes. There are two ways to go about this 1. Register (i.e. pay, during the registration period) for a spot on a pre-created free agent team in any sport/league in which this option is offered. You will then be placed on a team comprised solely of free agents in the sport/league in which you registered for, this option guarantees you a space on a free agent team. 2. You can create a free agent account on IMLeagues and send requests to captains in the sport(s) you are interested in playing in to see if they are in need of extra players and willing to add you to their team however, if you choose this option there is no guarantee that you will be picked up by a team.

7.       Q: How much does it cost to play Intramural sports?

A: Cost varies by sport, length of season, and whether you are registering a team or as a free agent (see for exact pricing).

8.       Q: What if I register for a sport and change my mind, can I get a refund?

A: You can get a refund (minus a 10% administration fee) up until the registration close date at which point refunds will no longer be available.

9.       Q: What if the sport/league/free agent team I registered for doesn’t fill up/run?

A: We will make every effort to get you into a different division/league/free agent team in that sport if possible. If that can’t be done, then you will receive a full refund.

10.   Q: I am a free agent but want to play on a team with a couple friends of mine who are also free agents, is this possible?

A: Yes, as long as you all sign up/register (pay) for the same sport/league/division/time slot then you will all be placed on the same free agent team.

11.   Q: When are the games played?

A: Game days and times vary from sport to sport. During the school year we have leagues running on Sundays from approx. 11:00am until midnight, Mondays-Thursdays approximately 5:30-11:30pm and some leagues on Friday afternoons. Please see for exact dates and times of offerings.

12.   Q: How many teams am I allowed to play on?

A: You are allowed to play on one team per gender division sport i.e. you may play on one men’s volleyball team and one coed volleyball team regardless of competition level, but not on 2 men’s volleyball teams, or 2 coed volleyball teams. As long as you follow the preceding rule you may play in as many different sports as you like.

13.   Q: How many people are on / allowed on a team?

A: Varies by sport. Example: in basketball only 5 players are allowed on the court at a time (so this is the minimum you need in this case), but in 3-pitch you need 9 players on the field. There are sport specific limits as to the number of players each team is allowed to carry on a roster to keep things equal/fair, please see our website Intramurals at Western for details.

14.   Q: Do I have to provide my own equipment?

A: Varies by sport. All nets and scoring implements are provided (i.e. balls, discs, pucks etc.) however, personal equipment such as helmets (hockey), gloves (softball), footwear (skates, cleats etc.) are not provided. We do provide flags (flag football), tubes (inner-tube water polo) and other uncommon things of the like for certain sports (see your sport specific rules for complete details).

15.   Q: What do I need to bring to games?

A: A positive attitude, a valid piece of photo ID to show the officials at sign in (if you don’t do this or forget to, you will not be allowed to play), proper athletic attire (including footwear) to participate in the sport you are playing, and any necessary equipment you need that is not already provided by us.

16.   Q: What are the most popular sports?

A: Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer/Futsal and Volleyball have the largest number of leagues/divisions/teams/participants. Be sure to register for these sports as soon as possible to get your preferred day/division/time slot.

17.   Q: I accidentally registered/signed up for the wrong league/day, can I switch?

A: Yes, provided there is still space available for the league/day that you want to switch into and provided that the registration close date has not passed. League or division switches can only be done at the front desk of the rec centre.

18.   Q: What is a ‘Performance Bond Refund’?

A: This is a set amount of money (varies by sport) included in your registration fee that you get back at the end of the season provided your team doesn’t commit any infractions i.e. suspensions, defaults, incomplete roster violations, missed captain’s meetings etc.

19.   Q: I can’t find the answer to my question anywhere online?

A: You can contact us at for any general or specific inquiries.

20.   Q: I am concerned that I’m not receiving communications from my sport specific convener and/or IMLeagues and am missing out on important information/updates, what should I do?

A: Western’s email server has a high level of security and sometimes intramural related messages/announcements get caught in the junk/spam trap. To avoid this please follow these instructions.