Graduate Development

Graduate Development and Placement Coordinator (GDPC), 2023-24

The Department of English and Writing Studies at Western University is committed to providing assistance and guidance to graduate students seeking professionalization and placement. To this end, the Department has a Graduate Development and Placement Coordinator who, in addition to leading seminars and workshops that are intended to develop the professionalism of graduate students, is also available on an individual basis for consultation and advice.

Professor Kate Stanley
Please email Professor Stanley for an appointment.

Workshops and Seminars

All English graduate students and graduate alumni are welcome at these sessions. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend job search sessions at least one or two years before they anticipate going on the job market.

Fall 2023 workshops and seminars PDF download
Winter 2024 workshops and seminars PDF download

Career Success

Western MA and PhD graduates have been successful in developing a range of careers--from alt-academic employment, to work in the publishing industry, as well as contract and tenure-track faculty positions in colleges and universities--across Canada, the United States, and beyond. Learn more about our Recent Graduates.

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