Professors Emeriti

S.J. Adams, Ph.D. (Toronto) Modernism and American literature, Prosody and Metrical theory.

P. Auksi, Ph.D. (Harvard) The Renaissance; Influence of the Reformation; Rhetoric; Style.

S. Bruhm, Ph.D. (McGill) Gothic literature and culture; Queer studies; Childhood in literature and culture.

T.J. Collins, Ph.D. (Indiana) Victorian poetry and poetics; Browning, Tennyson.

F. Davey, Ph.D. (S. Cal.) Literary Institutions, Globalization and the Canadian Literary Nationalism, Margaret Atwood.

S.L. Dragland, Ph.D. (Queen's) Canadian literature; creative writing; Duncan Campbell Scott; postcolonial literatures; children's literature.

L.A. Garber, Ph.D. (Toronto) The Novel; Biography, Bloomsbury Group; Forster, Woolf, Ford, Strachey; Film.

A.J. Gedalof, Ph.D. (London, England).

J.M. Good, Ph.D. (Columbia) Romanticism; Wordsworth and Coleridge; Rare Books.

R.F. Green, Ph.D. (Toronto) Late Medieval English court poetry; patronage and reception; literature and the law; traditional ballads; medieval popular culture.

D.S. Hair, Ph.D. (Toronto) Nineteenth-Century literature, Browning, Tennyson, Canadian literature.

J.D. Kneale, Ph.D. (Toronto) Wordsworth, Milton, history of rhetoric, psychoanalysis.

M. Kreiswirth, Ph.D. (Toronto) Narrative theory, literary theory, William Faulkner, critical intellectual history, Tony Morrison, interdisciplinarity, and historical fiction.

B.R. Lundgren, Ph.D. (Western) Victorian literature; the Novel; Charles Dickens.

N. Mellamphy, Ph.D. (Manitoba) Shakespeare; Renaissance literature.

R. Poole, Ph.D. (Otago) Medieval; Icelandic sagas; skaldic poetry.

E.H. Redekop, Ph.D. (Toronto) Nineteenth-century American literature; Cooper, Melville, Hawthorne; science fiction.

Richard J. Shroyer, Ph.D. (Toronto) Romantic poetry and poetics, eighteenth-century intellectual history, Blake.

J.A.B. Somerset, Ph.D. The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham; Medieval and Renaissance Drama; Bibliography and Textual Criticism.

P.L. Surette, Ph.D. (Toronto) Modern British literature, poetry, fiction, Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, W. B. Yeats, James Joyce, William Golding, literary history, literature and religion, literature and philosophy, literary theory and criticism.

J.M. Zezulka, Ph.D. (Queen's) Magic/Marvellous Realism in practice and theory, with particular focus on the Canadian context.