Research & Reading Groups

Research and Reading groups are an important part of the research-friendly environment fostered by the Department of English and Writing Studies. These groups welcome the participation of graduate students (and, indeed, have often been founded by students), and are one of the means by which Masters and Doctoral students are fully integrated into the research culture of the Department. Undergraduate students, too, are generally welcome to readings, events, and meetings.

Research and reading groups focus on the dissemination of new research through meetings, public papers, discussion groups, and sponsored lectures by speakers from other institutions. Research groups have also assisted in the organizing of a number of special one-day colloquia for graduate students. Research and reading groups based in, or associated with the Department of English and Writing Studies include:

The 20th Century Group

The Americanist Research Group

The Canadianist Research Group

The Medieval Seminar

The Performance Studies Research Group

The Postcolonial Studies Reading Group

Romanticism at Western

The Victorian Reading Group

The Western Early Modern Society

The Department of English can also boast a vigorous and involved Undergraduate English Society, which calls itself "The Coterie." This society has sponsored a number of academic events, including a series of guest lectures by faculty. Find them on Facebook.