Student Groups

The Coterie

The Coterie aims to enhance the academic and social experience of undergraduate English students at Western University. This club offers a wide range of activities and services, including: social events for English undergraduates, seminars given by Western alumni and other Canadian writers or poets, and information about and assistance with English courses.

The Coterie seeks to forge a strong bond between faculty and students by increasing the communication between the two parties, which follows with the club's ultimate goal of fostering a positive and exciting learning environment for English students at Western. Like us on Facebook!

Western Undergraduate Film Society (WUFS)

WUFS is an organization with the goal of cultivating a new wave of budding filmmakers from the academic community. WUFS organizes film production workshops, film festivals, events, and their own publication, the Reel News. WUFS focuses on such areas as producing high caliber films for submission to the Western Film Festival. WUFS welcomes students with a passion for film, however lacking in productions skills, to join the organization and network with a group of like minded peers. WUFS isn’t just about making films, it is also a group that organizes social events.

The annual $5.00 membership fee brings the student to the status of full membership which permits them entry into film production workshops, waives submission fees to WUFS festivals, allows them to contribute to the Reel’zine, and to also attend the annual end of the year film dinner party. Being a full member also gets you an invitation to join the Facebook page, where you can communicate with members. Like WUFS on Facebook or Follow WUFS on Twitter!