Converting/Continuing your Benefits After Leaving Western

When you leave Western, you may be able to convert some Western group benefits to an individual plan paid for by you. Two of our Western benefit providers can give you further information:

Manulife Financial

  • Life insurance plans may be converted to a private policy (maximum of $200,000 coverage), without providing evidence of good health as long as you make application within 31 days of the date your group life insurance terminate and you pay premiums within one calendar month after your retirement date. Premiums are based on private policy rates.
    • Manulife Group Insurance Conversion Form - If you are interested in converting your group life insurance to a private policy, please contact Human Resources at 519-661-2194 to complete the Plan Sponsor section of this form before proceeding. 
  • Manulife offers individual and family health and dental plans specifically designed for people who are leaving a group plan and no longer have group health and dental coverage. As long as you apply within 60 days of the termination of your group health and dental benefits, acceptance is guaranteed without submitting a medical questionnaire. Applications that are submitted after the 60-day period will require full medical underwriting. If you wish to learn more about the plans offered by Manulife when leaving Western and the costs, please contact CoverMe directly at 1-877-268-3763 or visit the Manulife CoverMe website. Information packages are also available in Human Resources.

Sun Life Financial

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