Western's Leadership Competencies


Leaders play a vital role in achieving Western's aspirations. Through their decisions, behaviours, and actions, leaders advance Western in achieving its strategic goals of world class research and academic programs. Leaders are key to inspire a passion for Western and build a culture of engaged faculty and staff, high-performing teams, and collaborative partnerships.

Western is committed to investing in our leaders and has identified key competencies that will help leaders be successful. Leaders at Western need to have strong character, commitment to their role and to Western’s success, and have strength in four main competency areas: Leading Self, Leading People and Teams, Leading Programs and Services, and Leading Innovation and Change.

Competency Descriptors

Leading Self

Successful leaders are self-aware and strive to continuously learn and develop.


  • have a clear vision and purpose and are guided by Western’s principles and values
  • actively seek and incorporate feedback
  • have the courage to act and achieve results
  • maintain their well-being, and are adaptable and resilient

Leading People and Teams

Successful leaders create an environment where faculty and staff can give their best.


  • select talented people and support their engagement and growth
  • build strong, effective teams
  • foster collaboration and partnerships
  • ensure an inclusive and respectful workplace

Leading Programs and Services

Successful leaders deliver excellence to those they serve, and in the work they undertake.


  • focus on the success of their area and the success of Western
  • develop and implement effective program and service plans
  • use organizational resources wisely
  • ensure the safety of people and facilities

Leading Innovation and Change

Successful leaders advance Western.


  • embrace change, bring in new ideas, and look for opportunities to improve
  • develop a vision with others
  • communicate extensively
  • implement change skillfully

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