Research Contracts & Partnerships

Western Research manages all contractual research partnerships agreements for the university's research community by drafting agreements, negotiating with partners and administering agreements. Services include:

  • Meeting with researchers and partners to establish goals and mutual beneficial outcomes during the research planning phase
  • Establishing the appropriate type of agreement for your research partnership
  • Advising in budget development
  • Set-up and routing of internal approvals through the Research On Line Application system

Planning your Partnership

1. Research Plan

  • Develop a research proposal or statement of work

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2. Develop a Budget


3. Research Project Information Form

  • Submit with research plan and budget

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Contact us to review your research proposal, budget and supplementary information. We can also engage with you and your partner to prepare, review and finalize your research agreement. Western Research provides additional assistance related to ethics, animal care, controlled goods, conflict of interest and by connecting researchers to relevant departments to obtain certifications and ensure program compliance.


Research Contracts team members advise researchers and partners during project planning, preparation and partnership agreement review. Contacts us for research partnership agreements including:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Inter-institutional research funding agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
  • Clinical research agreements
  • Community agreements
  • Industry collaborative and partnership agreements
  • Government, foundation, and non-profit research agreements
  • Technical services agreements
  • Sub-grant agreements


Contact us by agreement type:

Industry partnerships and partnership programs

Government and non-profit partnerships and request for proposals

Inter-institutional and sub-grant agreements, network agreements

  • Goretti Fordyce, Contracts Officer (International), 519-661-2111, ext. 80180

Data transfer, material transfer and non-disclosure agreements

Research contract & partnership agreements support and administration

Contact the Research Contracts team early in discussions with partners, or contact Caroline Calmettes, Director Research Contracts & Agreements), at 519-661-2111, ext. 80120 to discuss your specific partnership project