Research Partnerships

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Partnering with Western

Western Research facilitates flexible and beneficial relationships between the university research community and industry, government and non-profit partners. We strive to help ideas become innovations, to provide opportunities for students to engage in partnered research and to advance knowledge that provides tangible economic, social, health and cultural benefits through knowledge sharing and dissemination. The university is also home to cutting-edge facilities and equipment that help partners develop and innovate.

Supporting Research Partnerships

Partnership Agreements

We facilitate relationships by helping researchers and partners find a common view when establishing research projects. We also support partnerships by providing guidance throughout the project proposal stage, budget creation and determination of deliverables and reporting requirements.

Contact us to initiate a research partnership agreement.

Partnering Programs

Several federal and provincial funding programs are available to leverage your investments in research, matching partner dollars to external research funding. Western Research can work with you and your research partners to help identify funding opportunities and develop proposals. Opportunities include:

International Partnerships

With research collaborations on every continent and students and faculty trained far and wide, Western is actively engaged internationally. Partners include institutions, government organizations and other public sector parties, non-profit organizations and the private sector. In addition to formal partnerships, faculties and schools, individual faculty members and students are connecting Western with the world and bringing global perspective to our campus every day.

Western Research will assist researchers, research trainees and research students to: 1) Identify, develop and formalize research partnerships; 2) Conceptualize and brainstorm research ideas; 3) Develop strategy for research engagement and projects; 3) Troubleshoot projects; 4) Perform advocacy and outreach; and 5) Identify funding sources.



  • Goretti Fordyce, Contracts Officer (International), 519-661-2111, ext. 80180

Partnerships in Knowledge Exchange

We offer guidance and resources related to research partnership best practices, tailoring knowledge exchange activities to meet researcher and partner goals and measuring the impact of partnerships. With expertise on how to engage partners and those with lived experience (e.g., patients, Indigenous communities etc.), the team can facilitate partnerships that result in meaningful impact. Supports include workshops, presentations, training and plain-language writing.

Contact us for support or to partner on knowledge exchange activities.

Commercialization Partnerships

As one of Canada’s top technology transfer offices in terms of revenue and number of license agreements signed annually, WORLDiscoveries assists in the commercialization of research outputs from London’s research organizations through licensing to established companies, spinoff companies and direct-to-market sales.

Intellectual property begins as creator-owned for faculty and students at Western. If, as part of your role at the university, you have, or envision you might, create intellectual property you wish to commercialize, our team can ensure you are aware of the various commercialization options available.

Contact us for additional information about Western's intellectual property policy, WORLDiscoveries' services and programs available to all members of the university community.