New Recreational Sport Clubs for 2023-24: Jump Rope Club and Roundnet Club

Western Campus Recreation will be introducing two new Recreational Sport Clubs in Fall 2023: the Jump Rope Club and the Roundnet Club.

The Roundnet Club will be focused on the sport called Roundnet, which is similar to Spikeball.

Programming offered will focus on learning about the rules of Roundnet to learn more about the sport, improving skills, open play time, and creating social connections.

Additional activities will include inter-club tournaments and social events.

The Jump Rope Club will promote the sport of performance rope skipping and teach members rope skipping tricks.

While other clubs or fitness classes may incorporate rope skipping as part of their routine for conditioning, no existing Western club teaches tricks seen in performance rope skipping.

In addition, the Jump Rope Club will provide a place for Western students interested in learning about rope skipping as a performance sport to come together. It will also allow those who already incorporate rope skipping in their fitness routine to streamline their routine, use proper technique and enhance the fun factor of working out.

All of our Recreational Sport Clubs are a great way to engage in a high impact recreational experience, and to stay active while meeting new people. These new clubs were proposed by students, for students, through a comprehensive application process that takes place over the fall/winter terms.

Western Recreational Sport Clubs are sanctioned groups who share a common interest in a particular sport or physical activity. All of our Clubs are recreational in nature and provide leadership opportunities. They are designed to enhance the Western University student experience and promote life-long learning and appreciation for active living, leadership, and service.Some Clubs also provide instruction and skill development, and/or competition.

Membership in Recreational Sport Clubs is only open to Western students enrolled in the current academic year, and who have an active membership to Campus Recreation. This Membership must run the entire academic year from Sept to April, inclusively.

Registration for all of our Recreational Sport Clubs takes place in the early Fall (September). Watch for more information or visit us during Recreational Sport Clubs Week, September 18-22, 2023. The season begins on September 24, 2023 for the Fall term.

For more information, or to see all clubs offered, visit: Recreational Sport Clubs - Sport and Recreation Services - Western University (