Animal Ethics and Care Program Policies and Procedures

The following is a list of Animal Ethics and Care Program policies and procedures associated with Western's research community.

To aid you in understanding the policies below, the ACC has provided a glossary of terms for your use:

Animal Ethics and Care Program Oversight

University Senate

Senate-level policies outline core roles and responsibilities for the program and includes terms of reference for the senior administrator with overarching responsibility for the program.

  • MAPP 7.12 outlines procedures that must be used by animal-based scientists with Animal Care Commitee-approved Animal Use Protocols. (updated 6/16)

Animal Care Comittee (ACC)

Western's Animal Care Committee (ACC) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of animal ethics, care and use associated with Western's research community, and for working with animal-based scientists, animal care personnel, and the institutional administration in accordance with all regulatory and institutional policies and guidelines.

Animal Ethics and Care Program Policies and Procedures

Animal Use Protocols

The Animal Use Protocol (AUP) is the ACC's animal ethics form that contains details of AUP holders' intended live vertebrate animal care and use, which must be reviewed by the ACC in advance of animal-based science activities.

General requirements for New and Continuing AUPs

Annual Renewal requirements

AUP Modification requirements

Pilot Study requirements

Breeding Colonies requirements

AUP review procedures

Associated External Review Requirements

Scientific Merit Reviews

Pedagogical Merit Reviews

Multi-Jurisdictional Animal-Based Science

Institutional Animal User Training Program

The Institutional Animal User Training Program is a core pre-requisite to work with live animals.

Animal Facilities, Procurement, Housing and Procedures

Laboratory Animal Facilities Policy

Animal Procurement

Use of Extra-Vivarial Spaces

Animal Husbandry

Procedures within Animal Holding Rooms

Inclusion of RVTs in Animal Use Protocols

Animal Health Monitoring and Interventions

Animal Health Biosecurity Program

Animal Care and Use Records

Sick Animal Response Program

Post-Approval Monitoring Program

The Post-Approval Monitoring Program, as mandated by the Canadian Council on Animal Care, requires post-approval oversight of animal-based science activities to ensure practice aligns with the AUP and institutional policies and procedures.

Crisis Management Program

As mandated by the Canadian Council on Animal Care, Western requires a comprehensive response plan to crises specific to areas where animals are housed and used.