Western Strategic Support

Funded by Western Research, the Western Strategic Support for Tri-Council Success program offers different levels of funding identified as Seed, Open, Bridge and Accelerator grants (depending on program). These grants are targeted to researchers who are pursuing CIHR, SSHRC, and/or NSERC-related research. The intent of these grants is to offer critical, one-time funding to support an individual investigator’s research activities for the subsequent development of strong, competitive submissions to Tri-Council grant competitions.

Each application will undergo a merit review by the Review Board in each program area. Proposals will be assessed on innovation, impact, deliverables (both long- and short-term), methodology, HQP training plan and budget. For some programs, applicants are asked to give a short presentation on their proposal to the respective Board they are applying to. Successful applicants are expected to develop and submit a competitive research proposal to a Tri-Council grant competition (CIHR, SSHRC or NSERC) within two years of the award’s start date.

Guidelines, application forms, and instructions can be found within each Western Strategic Support Success Program Link:


Internal competitions are administered by Western Research Internal Grants. For more information please contact intgrant@uwo.ca.