New International Research Networks Award

The New International Research Networks award is supported by Western Research and aims to promote new collaborations between researchers from Western and their international colleagues. As the rate of growth of human knowledge continues to increase, we have reached an era of necessary hyper-specialization in which international collaboration is an increasingly fundamental enabler of world-class research. Creating opportunities for researchers at Western to interact with colleagues from around the world is of critical importance to our research mission. 

Important Changes to the Program (April 2020)

  • Applications involving inbound or outbound travel will not be accepted, and those applications requiring travel that have already been received, will not be funded at this time.
  • Until further notice, Western will accept applications only if the projects: 1) do not involve national or international travel and 2) promote international collaboration through other means.
  • When conditions change to allow travel, Western will resume accepting applications that require travel. Applications that have already been received by Western Research may reapply at that time. 

Program Objectives

  • The New International Research Networks Award provides up to $5,000 to eligible Western researchers for establishing new international collaborations
  • These funds are intended to address the logistical costs incurred during the initial process of setting up a collaborative research project, such as travel, communications cost and/or small scale exploratory research

Application Process

  • Eligible Western researchers are to submit a ROLA proposal and complete the New International Research Networks application
  • Complete the New International Research Networks Award application

Submission Timeline

Applications for the 2021 competiton are accepted on a rolling basis.


The applicant must hold a full-time tenured or tenure track position at Western. The international co-applicant must hold academic or industrial research position that is not located in Canada.

This award is not intended to fund already established collaborations. The applicant and co-applicant must not have an existing, established research relationship. The exclusionary criteria include (but not limited to): (1) prior joint publications; (2) named co-investigators on existing funding; (3) joint participation in a research network; (4) past co-supervision of a graduate student; and (5) prior supervisor / trainee relationship.

Documents and Resources

Final Research Report


For more information or questions relating to the New International Research Networks Award, please contact Western Research Internal Grants.