Heineken Prizes - 2020

The Heineken Prizes are international prizes worth $200,000 each awarded every other year to five internationally renowned scientists and scholars.  They are intended explicitly for scientists and scholars who are currently active in their field and whose research still holds considerable promise for future innovative discoveries.  The prize categories are:

  1. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry and Biophysics - supports outstanding research in biochemistry and biophysics.
  2. Heineken Prize for Cognitive Science - awarded to an individual who has done outstanding work in cognitive science. The prize draws attention to the importance of studying the cognitive functions of human and animals, a relatively new branch of science.
  3. Heineken Prize for Environmental Sciences - recognizes outstanding achievement in the environmental sciences
  4. Heineken Prize for History  - recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement in the field of history
  5. Heineken Prize for Medicine  - awarded to a scientist who has conducted pioneering medical research

Nomination Process

Both institutes and individual researchers may nominate suitable candidates for these prizes. A complete nomination package consists of the following:

  1. Completed nomination form, found online
  2. Brief description of the nominee's contribution to their discipline and their international reputation (Mex. 200 words each):
    • specific scientific or scholarly achievements
    • Details of the past 10 years of memberships of (inter)national professional committees and academies/societies, etc.
    • other qualities such as his/her influence on young researchers and his/her contribution to knowledge valorisation, etc.
    • To what extent does the candidate’s research holds considerable promise for the future?
  3. List of 5 most significant publications
  4. Summary of the scientific/research achievements in layman's terms (max. 300 words)
  5. Contact information for 2 international referees


Final nomination submission deadline is October 15, 2019


Interested parties are encouraged to consult with Julaine Hall (julaine.hall@uwo.ca) at Research Development & Services regarding these awards and the nomination processes.

Website: http://www.heinekenprizes.com/?cat=6#news3310