The Holberg Prize - 2017

The Holberg Prize, an annual award of 4,500,000 NOK (approx. $830,000 CAD) is given for outstanding contributions to research in the arts and humanities, social sciences, law, or theology. Contributions must have had decisive, international influence, either through development of a new theory, knowledge or insight, or by using existing theories or methods in a new way.
The prize can be awarded for work within a particular discipline or of a cross-disciplinary nature.

Nomination Process

Eligible nominators are scholars holding positions at universities, academies, or other research institutions.

Note that the Holberg Prize Committee requests that nominations be kept confidential from the nominee. The nominator is asked to affirm this confidentiality at the time of submission.

A complete nomination package will include:

  • The online nomination form
  • A nomination letter (2-3 pages) stating, in English, the reasons for the nomination
  • The candidate’s CV
  • Names and coordinates of referees (especially international ones) who know the candidate’s work


The nomination submission deadline is June 15, 2016


Interested parties are encouraged to consult with Julaine Hall ( at Research Development & Services regarding this award and the nomination process.