Western University Royal Society of Canada Fellows

Election to Fellowship in the RSC, Canada’s national academy, is the highest honour that can be attained by Canadian scholars, researchers, and artists. Fellows are peer-elected as the best in their field, and thus represent the pinnacle of Canadian intellectual leadership. Their exceptional intellectual achievements are evidenced by a body of publications, intellectual endeavours, or creative activities exhibiting original contributions in the arts, humanities, or sciences, as well as activities in public life.

Western University Fellows

  • Gail Atkinson, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Terrence Bailey, Don Wright Faculty of Music
  • J. Bancroft, Department of Plant Sciences
  • Robert Batterman, Department of Philosophy
  • Paul Beamish, Richard Ivey School of Business
  • John Bell, Department of Philosophy
  • David Bentley, Department of English
  • Kathryn Brush, Department of Visual Arts
  • William Caldwell, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Regna Darnell, Department of Anthropology
  • Frank Davey, Department of English
  • Allan Donner, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  • Aleksis Dreimanis, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Julia Emberley, Department of English
  • Brock Fenton, Department of Biology
  • Michael Fleet, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Gerald Fridman, Faculty of Law
  • William Fyfe, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Melvyn Goodale, Department of Psychology
  • Michael Groden, Department of English
  • J. Peter Guthrie, Department of Chemistry
  • Vladimir Hachinski, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Wayne Hocking, Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Norman Huner, Department of Biology
  • Douglas Jackson, Department of Psychology
  • Richard Kane, Department of Mathematics
  • Chil-Yong Kang, Department of Microbiology
  • Doreen Kimura, Department of Psychology
  • John Leonard, Department of English and Writing Studies
  • Tom Lennon, Department of Philosophy
  • Michael Locke, Department of Biology
  • Fred Longstaffe, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Gordon McBean, Engineering and Geography
  • Jeremy McNeil, Department of Biology
  • James Melvin, Department of Economics
  • Robert Murray, Department of Biology
  • Wayne Nesbitt, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Peter Norton, Department of Chemistry
  • Allan Paivio, Department of Psychology
  • Joy Parr, Department of Geography
  • Rajni Patel, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Russell Poole, Department of English
  • Richard Puddephatt, Department of Chemistry
  • Tilottama Rajan, Department of English
  • Bishnu Sanwal, Department of Biochemistry
  • Maya Shatzmiller, Department of History
  • Tsun-Kong (T.K.) Sham, Department of Chemistry
  • Bhagirath Singh, Department of Microbiology
  • Robert Stainton, Department of Philosophy
  • Ian Steele, Department of History
  • Jonathan Vance, Department of History
  • John Whalley, Department of Economics
  • Jesse Zhu, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 

Nomination Deadline and Submission

Nominations for new Fellows must be submitted by December 1, 2016.  There is an online submission process.

Details can be found at  http://www.uwo.ca/research/excellence/awards/royal_society_of_canada_fellowship.html


Anyone with interest in the Royal Society of Canada is encouraged to consult with Julaine Hall at Research Development & Services (julaine.hall@uwo.ca) regarding this opportunity.

Website: http://rsc.ca/en/fellows/elections-nominations