Research Western Staff Awards

Milestone Awards

Western Research will annually offer a token of appreciation that recognizes individuals' years of service within the portfolio for increments of five years.

Peer-to-Peer Awards

Western Research encourages its members to acknowledge and recognize their teammates' contributions to the research enterprise and to the unit's development. Peer-to-Peer awards provide an annual opportunity for staff to nominate deserving colleagues for an award that highlights specific, outstanding accomplishments or process innovations that have contributed to the overall success of supports and services Western Research has to offer the research community.

In 2018-19, we have added a second category for the Peer-to-Peer: Spirit, in addition to Operations, introduced last year.

Peer-to-Peer: Operational Merit

Examples of achievements that can be nominated:

  • Initiated an idea, event or process that improved overall efficiency within Western Research;
  • Introduced a new initiative or idea that contributed to improving culture or creating a positive environment;
  • Was instrumental in implementing a new system or process that has improved the quality of services and supports offered by Western Research; and/or
  • Executed, suggested or implemented an idea that encouraged or facilitated collaboration within Western Research's teams.

Peer-to-Peer: Western Research Spirit

Examples of achievements that can be nominated:

  • Acted as an exceptional representative of Western Research in interactions with other staff, scholars, and/or the community;
  • Went beyond own role to help colleagues;
  • Encouraged teamwork, communication and/or engagement with individuals or groups within or beyond Western Research; and/or
  • Demonstrated a positive attitude and a commitment to supporting scholars through collaboration, communication & service.


All staff members within the Western Research portfolio are eligible to be nominated for the Peer-to-Peer Award, including members of the leadership team, regardless of their length of service to Western Research.


Any staff member within Western Research's portfolio may nominate a colleague for the Peer-to-Peer Award. Self-nominations are not accepted, and any member of the Internal Awards Committee nominated for this award must recuse him/herself from the committee.

Nomination Process

Complete the following online form to nominate a colleague for one of the two Peer-to-Peer Awards.

To complete the application, you must include a co-nominator and consider:

  • Specific accomplishments or achievements by the Nominee deserving of the Peer-to-Peer Award;
  • How these accomplishments or achievements have contributed to the overall success of Western Research.

Selection Process

All complete nominations will be reviewed in detail by the adjudication committee, which is composed of colleagues from across Western Research's units. Many thanks to these volunteers:

  • ACVS: Jennifer McInnis
  • BrainsCAN: Maggie MacLellan
  • Research Services: Elizabeth Russell-Minda
  • Western Research administration: Kris Skjellerup
  • WORLDiscoveries: Nadine Weedmark
  • Facilitator (non-voting): Joey Paciocco

The decision of the Internal Awards Committee is final.

Key Dates

  • Nomination Submission Deadline: December 31, 2018
  • Award Announced: Winter all-Western Research Meeting, Date TBD