The Steacie Prize - 2023

The Steacie Prize

The Steacie Prize is administered by the Trustees of the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fund, a private foundation dedicated to the advancement of science and engineering in Canada.

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*This pre-call framework is based on previous competitions and is therefore subject to change as new information is provided.

The Steacie Prize is a $10,000 prize awarded annually to a young scientist or engineer for outstanding scientific research carried out in Canada. In his position as President of the National Research Council of Canada, Dr. E.W.R. Steacie did much to encourage young people and arrange optimum circumstances for their research.


The Steacie Prize is awarded to scientists 40 years of age or younger who have made notable contributions to research in Canada. Extensions beyond the 40 year age requirement are permitted for official leaves, including parental and sick leave, and must be specified in the nomination letter.

Nomination Process

Nominations should be made by a colleague. The memorial Fund is committed to ensuring equity, diversity, and inclusion in the selection process; an EDI statement may be included in the nomination letter or curriculum vitae.  A complete nomination will consist of:

  • a nomination letter explaining why the candidate should be considered for the prize and giving the candidate's date of birth;
  • a CV with publication list; and
  • names and co-ordinates (physical address, email, and phone) of 3 to 5 independent referees with recognized expertise in the candidate’s field.
    • The independent referee should not be a former mentor (PhD or PDF supervisor) or a recent collaborator (for example joint publications or grants in the last 6 years.  "Independent referee will be regarded similarly to NSERC.

Please note that the nomination file should be no longer than 25 pages in total.  The nominator will provide the completed nomination package.


Please compile the nomination materials into one .pdf file. Submission is by email to


For central contact and submission of your nomination please contact

The nomination submission deadline is TBA.


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