Strategic Goal: Foster Relationships

Concentric Circles, and a viewport of the International Space Station with the Western ShieldWe live in hyper-connected times. The relationships we form allow us to examine new viewpoints, identify needs, access research participants, find solutions, and connect the work we do to knowledge users. In short, strong
relationships facilitate success.

Western Research will support the development of ethical and reciprocal research relationships. We will work closely with colleagues on campus and with regional, national, and international partners to engage governments, health care, corporations and businesses, not-for-profits, community groups, and other academic partners.



Establishing the Strategic Partnerships team

Western Research has established the Strategic Partnerships team to focus on creating and maintaining partnerships in the Canadian innovation ecosystem, with a focus on strategic research strengths, including neuroscience and imaging, sustainability and clean technologies and smart systems.



Championing Emerging Opportunities

Western Research has worked closely – and continutes to work – with colleagues across campus to champion opportunities that support research and enhance the university’s reputation with various partners locally and internationally. Examples include Carbon Solutions @ Western and acollaborative, multi-organizational project related to Indigenous data sovereignty and data management principles.


Increasing International Research Partnerships

To increase support for important international research initiatives like Horizon Europe and the Radboud-Western Collaboration Fund, Western Research, in collaboration with Western International, plans to establish a dedicated international research office.