ROLA Just-in-Time Training Manuals

ROLA Proposal Manual The ROLA Proposal Manual Covers:
  • Funding Announcements
  • Maintain Proposal
    • General Information
    • Details
    • Location
    • Certification
    • Keywords
    • Proposal Budget
ROLA Submit Manual

The ROLA Submit Manual Covers:

  • Submit Proposal
  • Approval Status Review
  • Approval Process
  • Reset Proposal Status
ROLA Profile Manual The ROLA Profile Manual Covers:
  • Sponsored Research - Profile Review
  • Extend Access by PI
ROLA Access Manual The ROLA Access Manual Covers:
  • How do I Gain/Maintain Access to ROLA
  • Basic User Access Request
  • Pre-Hire Access Process
  • Special Access to ROLA - Hospital Support Staff