Resources at Western


There are many different tutorials, guidance documents, and resources to aid the struggling research staff and researcher.  As a result of that, we decided to create a resources page that could provide quick links to Western's many excellent resources with the hope that they are easier to find and benefit from.

The following links are a great start, but if you have any suggestions or questions, please do feel free to reach out to us at to let us know.

Guide to Research Administration

The Guide to Research Administration electronic tutorial provides a very high level overview of what to expect when faculty apply for, and are successful, at receiving funding. Within 18 minutes, you will learn about pre-award process through to post-award processes at Western.


Western's Research On-Line Administration (ROLA) is a system that is used for all funded research at Western. From application to account closure, ROLA is a constant in the award cycle. Here's the ROLA Q&A page that can assist you if you are struggling with ROLA. You can also call the ROLA HelpDesk at 519-661-3136 for guidance. The Operational Excellence (below) also hosts a fantastic ROLA workshop, as well.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a program that provides a variety of tutorials on many different administrative duties. You can learn how to make purchases, how to use Western's online graduate student appointment module, or how to use the online Travel and Expense Claim system. This series is a great asset for any administrator who may be struggling.

Post-Award Project Administration

Research Finance created a comprehensive and extensive guide on the post-award project administration for research administrators and faculty. The guide covers 7 sections that speaks to the basics of research funding, governance and accountability, financial transactions, journal entries, and more. Click on Research Finance's Post-Award Project Administration to review this document.
There will be more to come!