February 7, 2023: Dr. Katsu Goda Receives Florence Bucke Science Prize

Dr. Katsu Goda

On Monday, February 6, Turkey and Syria were struck by two devastating earthquakes. As urban growth continues to expand in seismically vulnerable “earthquake zones,” builders, homeowners, insurers, and community leaders must confront the risks. In some vulnerable areas, earthquakes may trigger a series of escalating effects such as what happened in 2011 when a massive earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami that, in turn, caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Dr. Katsu Goda (Earth Sciences/Statistical and Actuarial Sciences) has been awarded the Florence Bucke Science Prize for his investigations into earthquakes and their deadly after-effects. As a Western Fellow with the Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Buildings theme, Dr. Goda contributes a multidisciplinary approach that takes into consideration the social and economic impacts of seismic disasters. In addition to his work with the Climate Resilient Infrastructure theme, Dr. Goda also serves as Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment.  As Canada Research Chair, he is developing a framework for improving disaster risk preparedness and management.

The Florence Buck Science Prize is awarded annually to a faculty member who has produced high-quality scientific research.

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Florence Bucke Science Prize: February 9th, 2:30 pm (PAB 100)