May 24, 2023: New Research Theme Seeks Nature-Inspired Solutions to Global Emissions

birds eye-view of forest

Image credit:  Martin Reisch

We know that plants clear carbon dioxide from the air. Can nature provide us with the answers that we need to combat global emissions?

Chris DeGroot (Western, Mechanical and Materials Engineering), Naomi Klinghoffer (Western, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering), and Elizabeth Webb (Western, Earth Sciences) are committed to investigating this question as part of the Western Academy’s newest research theme, “Nature-inspired solutions for carbon transformation.” The theme will officially launch in September 2023.

“Nature-inspired solutions” seeks to expand upon--and improve—existing approaches to carbon capture, while also fostering engagement with community leaders and stakeholders at all levels of government.

Joining the theme are Visiting Fellows Damien Batstone (University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia) and Paola Giudicianni (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Institute of Science and Technologies for Sustainable Energy and Mobility, Naples, Italy). Batstone is an internationally recognized leader in wastewater treatment and Giudicianni offers critical expertise in thermochemical conversion processes.

For all questions, including enquiries about opportunities for community engagement, please contact Theme Leader Chris DeGroot at