Group Fitness Information

All group fitness classes require a Group Fitness Membership to attend. This membership can be purchased online at or by visiting the WSRC Membership Services desk. Fees collected from this membership cover costs associated with the instructional component to the class and studio equipment.

The Group Fitness Membership is available to all active Campus Recreation members. No experience necessary. The Group Fitness Membership gives you full access to attend an unlimited variety of classes at convenient times in the WSRC studios (fourth floor.)


*note that class availability may differ slightly week to week due to instructors holidays*

This membership includes 25+ weekly classes such as Cycle, Zumba, Sculpt & Sweat, Cardio Dance, Yoga, Pilates and more.

Group Fitness Membership fees:

  • December membership $12.99 on sale Dec 5 - 17th 2023
  • Promotional membership. Winter term $49.99 on sale January 7-28, 2024
  • Or available for purchase for $21.99/month year-round
  • Membership ends April 30, 2024
  • We do not offer classes on long weekends or university holidays
  • Schedule may vary from week to week based on instructor availability
  • No refunds available

Once you have purchased your Group Fitness Membership, you can attend any class by reserving your spot two (2) days in advance at


Draft Fall Group Fitness Scheudle
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00am Cycle
10:00am Cycle
11:00am Pilates Zumba
12:00pm Yoga Stretch Beginner Barbell Sculpt and Sweat Zen Barre Cycle
12:30pm Cardio Wave Cardio Wave
1:00pm Cycle Yoga Stretch Zumba
3:00pm Cycle
4:00pm Cycle Zen Barre cycle Zumba
5:00pm Zumba Pilates Zumba Cycle
6:00pm Beginner Barbell Sculpt & Sweat Yoga Stretch
6:30pm Step Adv
7:00pm Yoga Stretch Pilates Cycle
7:30pm The pump
8:00pm Cycle Sculpt and Sweat Cycle Candlelight Yoga
9:00pm Candlelight Yoga Candlelight Yoga Cycle Candlelight Yoga
9:00pm Cycle