Non-Compliance Response


Non-compliance response is the term used by the AUS to indicate any action performed by ACC to address any deviation from the previously-approved Animal Use Protocols (AUPs) at Western and its affiliates. These deviations can be discovered by the PAM office during the course of its other duties, but also relies on the research community to notify the PAM office when issues arise. There are two types of non-compliance: procedural, which relates to activities that do not affect animal welfare; and ethical, which affects animal welfare. Depending on the severity of the issue, the Protocol Support Vet may work with the PI group in question on resolving the issues through technique changes, and/or Protocol Modifications, culminating in a report to the ACC at the next monthly meeting.

At times, the ethical non-compliance may be severe enough that it requires an ad hoc working group of the ACC to address the issue. This group will meet with the PI group, discuss sanctions if needed, and, if the severity of the issue requires it, notify the Vice-President (Research) of the issue for further deliberation at the ACGSC or UCAC.

ACC is dedicated to the welfare of all animals in research at Western and will pursue all disclosures of ethical non-compliance. When any such case arises, the ACC complies with Western's institutional whistleblower policy. If you have any issues you wish to bring to the attention of the AUS, please use the ethical concerns notification form.