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Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB) Protocols

Western and Lawson Health Research Institute are committed to ensuring  cancer patients attending London's hospitals have the opportunity to participate in multi-centred, time-sensitive, competitive enrollment cancer clinical trials. In an effort to facilitate this process, Western and Lawson have agreed to sanction the use of the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB) in lieu of Western’s Health Sciences Research Ethics Board (HSREB).


  • Acceptance of OCREB as an alternate research ethics board is limited to the ethical review of new multi-centre cancer clinical trials where the study sponsor has identified OCREB as the preferred research ethics board provincially; and, where Western and/or Lawson investigators are leading and/or participating in these trials. All other types of research previously approved by OCREB must still obtain approval from Western’s HSREB (e.g., epidemiological, tissue use, non-clinical).
  • Ongoing cancer clinical trials currently under review by, or approved by, Western’s HSREB will remain under the jurisdiction of Western’s HSREB until completion of the trial.
  • Western and Lawson retain the right to require ethical approval from Western’s HSREB for studies previously approved by OCREB if, in their opinion, circumstances warrant it.
  • Western’s HSREB accepts no responsibility for the conduct of research conducted under the auspices of OCREB, for which Western’s HSREB has not issued an approval notice.

Further reading: OCREB Guidelines