Protocol Submission: HSREB Delegated

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Please ensure you read the following steps before submitting your protocol.


  • Research takes place, or uses equipment, in a medical or health care setting
  • Uses or relates to medical health records
  • Research that is deemed minimal-risk to patients and participants
  • Chart reviews are eligible for Delegated Level 1 review
    • Note: Only 1 date range extension Amendment for Delegated Level 1 studies will be approved by the REB. Any further date range extensions will require a Delegated Level 2 submission. 
  • Anything minimal-risk and approved for Delegated review with a Letter of Information will be reviewed as a Delegated Level 2

* The research taking place overrides the Faculty the Principle Investigator is in. If you have questions about which board to submit to, please contact the office.


  • Supporting documentation (surveys, letters of consent). (Samples)

How to Submit your Protocol

  • Submit the protocol and supporting documentation electronically using WesternREM.
  • Effective January 1, 2013, the Delegated HSREB no longer accepts documents in hard copy. This includes the original submission and all post-approval forms (revisions, deviations, continuing ethics review forms, FYI forms, etc.).

Submitting Revised Protocols

All revised study documents must have version dates (e.g., dd/mmm/yyyy) in the footer of all study documents. Version dates identify the latest edition of study documents. Version dates, including the day, written month and year should be included in the footer of all study documents. If a study document requires further modification based on comments received during the REB review process, the version date must be modified to reflect the most recent edition of the study document.

Please also ensure to submit one copy with tracked changes, and a clean copy of all revised study document(s).

If changes are required for the Western Protocol (Initially submitted in the ROMEO system):

  • Export a word copy of the protocol, making changes using track changes
  • Please submit 2 copies: one tracked version (in Word format) and one clean copy (as a pdf) of the entire revised Western Protocol
  • PLEASE ENSURE TO INCLUDE A VERSION DATE (e.g., dd/mmm/yyyy) in the footer of all study documents
  • Every time an amendment is made to this document, please remember to revise the version date to reflect the changes made and re-submit the entire document