Compliance and Reporting

By accepting a grant award, grantees agree to comply with the requirements in the NIH Grants Policy Statement unless the notice of award states otherwise. Refer to the NIH Policy & Compliance webpage for a list of policy topic pages, each providing additional context and resources.

At the pre-application and/or pre-funding stage (as applicable), Investigators on NIH applications are subject to reporting and training requirements related to:

Post-Award Monitoring and Reporting

Grantees are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of their grant. To fulfill their role as a steward of Federal funds, NIH awarding offices monitor grants to identify potential problems and areas where technical assistance might be necessary. This active monitoring is accomplished through review of reports and correspondence from the grantee, audit reports, site visits, and other information available to NIH.

Grantees will find specific post-award reporting requirements and due dates on their NIH Notice of Award or Subaward/Consortium Agreement.

NIH does not release funds for the full period of performance. Notices of Awards are issued for each year of the grant or Agreement. Western University invoices NIH or the pass-through entity/lead organization (for subawards) to receive post-expense funding.

Best practise. Read the Notice of Award thoroughly for post-award requirements.

Refer to NIH’s Post-Award Monitoring and Reporting for general information on:

  • Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR);
  • Invention Reports;
  • Final Invention Statements; and
  • Close-out.


For post-award administrative support (non-financial), please contact: Xinhong Huang, Research Development Officer (Post-Award).