Western Research NIH Timelines and Due Dates

Before a funding opportunity is found

Contact Research Services for an introduction to NIH-relevant processes, policy and administration.

Four to six months before the NIH deadline

Contact Research Services for registrations (i.e. eRA Commons), eligibility assessment, submission platform guidance, planning and deadlines. As a best practice, meet with your faculty research officer and a grants officer from Research Services.

Two months before the NIH deadline:

The research team should be assembled and the budget in development. Connect with Research Services, to:

  • Initiate an application (if UWO is the lead organization) in ASSIST;
  • Assist with prior approvals (if applicable). Example: unsolicited applications with budgets of $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year, require approval from the NIH program officer at least six weeks before applying. Prior approval requests flow through Research Services to NIH; and
  • Facilitate the exchange of subrecipient/subcontract/consortium documents with external co-investigators and their institutional sponsored research office. Allow up to four weeks to receive, or develop, institutionally approved subrecipient documents.

Two weeks before the NIH deadline:

The complete application or subrecipient/consortium package, plus ROLA proposal, should be ready for internal Research Services review no later than two weeks before the NIH due date.

Pre-Award, Just-in-Time (JIT):

After NIH releases priority scores, the program director/ principal investigator (PD/PI) of grants within the competitive range for possible funding will receive an e-mail requesting Just-in-Time (JIT) information. This notification is not a notice of award, nor should it be construed as an indicator of possible award.

Requested JIT information may include:

JIT information must be submitted for NIH review and evaluation prior to making an award. It is a time-sensitive request. The information is uploaded by the PI via the just-in-time function within eRA Commons, and the final submission to NIH is completed by a Western University-designated signing official.

Contact Research Services immediately upon receipt of a JIT communication.



For more information, contact Research Services.