A Healthy Future


Western enjoys a long history of health-related research success across various disciplines. Today, the university is home to multiple clusters of expertise focused on understanding healthy development across the lifespan, including our brains, minds, bodies, and relationships, as well as the ethical, legal, and policy issues associated with our mental and physical health and health-care systems.

Our community makes significant contributions along the full range of fundamental and applied approaches, from the molecular and behavioural level to community-engaged health promotion of mental and physical health and education, and the development of novel treatments, tools, and devices.

Western’s contributions to foster a healthy future include:

  • Developing innovative biomaterials, treatments, tools, and devices
  • Ensuring the healthy development of children and youth
  • Preserving and restoring mobility and physical health
  • Promoting healthy communities and health-care systems
  • Understanding brain health and development throughout the lifespan