Advising Services

Academic Advising is your one-stop-shop for academic support in Science and Basic Medical Sciences at Western University. Our advisors focus their expertise on critical areas to address those issues of greatest importance to our students, so they can proactively support your academic journey toward the degree of your choice.

We understand the post-secondary environment and will help you navigate the system. Our team provides a confidential and secure environment for discussion while guiding you through academic challenges, identifying options, and helping you through the decision-making process.

We are your advocates in the following areas:

Academic Experience

Our team offers year-round individual and group advising to facilitate your introduction to university life, help you transition into second year by addressing issues like course and program selection, and guide you to graduation in the final year of your undergraduate studies.


Academic Advising is here for everyone! We work with the Western International, Indigenous Services, and the LGBTQ+ community to foster a safer space at Western Science.


Our strong connection with Student Health Services ensures that the organisation works in concert to support good physical and psychological wellness within the student body.


Transfer and mature students are provided tailored services to facilitate the evaluation of courses from other institutions to ensure you have the prerequisites you need to progress or receive appropriate credit toward your degree at Western.

Academic Advising is here to support you with your academic journey at Western. We are dedicated to your academic success – through:

  • Advising about the impact of course selection and academic performance on eligibility for modules and degrees
  • Discussing your academic pathway – adding a module, changing directions, doing an exchange, or letter of permission
  • Accommodating you for missed coursework
  • Processing your requests for increased or irregular course load
  • Advising on University adjustment
  • Advising you on probation or grade point waiver
  • Being a safe, respectful, and friendly office
  • General inquiries and support